PRB Estates - Fire doors and doorsets

PRB Estates provides a fire door and doorset installation and management services installed and maintained by qualified technicians.

P.R.B Estates

We are FIRAS accredited to install certified fire door sets – ie 30 mins and 60 mins, including front entrance doors, cross corridors, service doors.

Fire doors are an important element in the fire safety of a building, but too often everyone assumes that someone else will ensure their quality and performance.

The correct installation of fire door assemblies and doorsets is fundamental to their overall performance because it will ensure the fire door will remain reliable to its fire integrity rating in the event of a fire. Incorrect installation defeats the purpose of certificated fire doors, certificated components and certificated hardware because in a fire, the smoke and gases it produces can easily travel through the gaps left by incorrect installation.

Checking fire door installations isn't always a straightforward exercise. We use our own system to survey doors to ensure we make the right decisions when finally installing new fire doors, reports are produced and provided to clients, the captured information then enables us to check and maintain the doors on an ongoing bases, the information gathereed is completely transparent an in the interest of the client.